About Vic Rebelo

Who is Victor Rebelo?

1) Futurist –based on present events, what the future could present us with, allowing one to be on
the alert and possibly plan ahead-( set a goal )
2) Motivational speaking—opening up the human mind to what the real world is all about, letting
them know that it’s not all that bad. It’s actually all great.
3) Entrepreneurship—how to run a business successfully, knowing how much you have and how
much you need.
4) Relationship building—to eventually create a ‘’ partnership ‘’ both in business (workplace, shop
floor) and matrimony.
5) Critical and analytical thinking—think before you open your mouth, don’t overthink, identifying
and understanding the problems.

NATURE is my “ G O D “ ( THE SUN, MOON AND THE REST OF NATURE IN ITSELF ) making me really an ‘’
AGNOSTIC PANTHEIST ‘. Having great interest in the human race, is one of my greater passions in life,
hence a peoples person that has set one of his goals in life, to helping people with one T&C and that is
that they want to help themselves.
I might sound a little crude, arrogant, whatever. NO! Not at all, I’m just a simple, down to earth guy that
has thought carefully and used his soul freedom to choose in this life, what makes sense/logic, and
practicing it in its most simplistic form, has worked 100% for me. If something works, you don’t change
it. I would like to share that with the rest of the people.
I am also an individual that enjoys and practice a bit of sport. I gym and play squash.