(Get out of your) Comfort Zone

We as human beings, inspired by our “cultures”, in most cases, will always look for a comfort zone, not realizing that it is almost impossible to grow and learn more, hindering our personal growth and professional success. Some examples of being in a comfort zone are things like being on DRUGS, ALCOHOL, eating the so-called COMFY FOODS, GAMBLING, your JOB and even SHOPPNG, ETC. In other words, being “happy” under these circumstances. Well, you might ask. How so? Think about it! When we have a problem of some sort, we firstly play it down, eventually drowning ourselves with all the above, making us feel “comfortable”, but only for a short period, obviously. The problem persists and we revert to the same once again, eventually addiction “comforts” us and we are now in our “COMFORT ZONE”.
Please guys! We must come to our senses and realize that we need to change, bearing in mind that change can only start at the end of our comfort zone, if not, our journey just becomes monotonous, lacking in variety, being tedious and unvarying. Getting out of our comfort zone from time to time (we can’t just get out at once, it has to be a gradual process) creates just enough stress, to make us think, in turn ramping up our focus, creativity, pace and drive, allowing us to respond early to those life stressing, unexpected eventualities that might occur. To get out and stay out of that comfort zone, you have to start by 1) Taking nothing for granted, 2) Move towards your fears, 3) Converse with strangers, 4) Come out into the open, 5) Draw up a list of your goals, 6) Speak up, 7) Meet new people, 8) Travel to new destinations, 9) Learn new skills, 10) Start something new and create your own opportunity. These are just a few.
One of the most important facts to start this process is to first, make up your mind, about what you want and how you are going to get it. This will now diminish your fear of the unknown and build courage that will make you brave in conquering and becoming triumphant over fear. Think about it, once you have achieved all this, you are now totally in love with yourself and others, because this is all about being proactive, understanding, communicating, trusting, and respecting you and others.
If you are feeling as if the sand is disappearing from under your feet and you are sinking, in front of your own eyes, then you must be in a comfy zone, that was created yesterday, but with a different world today, that is changing on a daily basis, you’ll have to get out of that so well established habit, that has become your lifestyle, no longer being able to fuel your vehicle on your journey to your destiny.