Tough topic, but REAL!

How do kids cope in this so REAL WORLD of ours?

It is usual for kids to feel upset, troubled, worried, in turn creating all sorts of mixed feelings, driving them to anger and misunderstanding of the situation. The situation is the state of the world, the bad news, the negativity that surrounds them, in turn making them feel lost, useless, and stressed out. Kids are supposed to feel safe, wanted, and validated. All these have to be offered by parents, first and foremost. Not by their teachers, they are too busy trying to teach them into absorbing the syllable that will, in turn, guide them into choosing a future career. In most cases, parenting (LOVE) meaning an abundance of communication, understanding, trust, and respect, (not just hugging, kissing, etc.). The devotion of valuable time to engage together. In the majority of cases, this does not happen, as parents weren’t taught by their parents, (LOVE) therefore having always practiced what they believed was right, not realizing that in most cases it wasn’t right, what they thought was correct. The cause of the lack of (LOVE) was the availability of time to be devoted for that purpose as they were far too busy trying to earn a SURVIVAL, that they had no time to learn how to LIVE, just because they felt they had to keep the ‘’BALL ROLLING’ not realizing that they were in a rut. Of course, in life, what you practice becomes a HABIT, and in turn, a habit becomes a LIFESTYLE. We usually say ‘’ FOLLOW THE LEADER ‘’. I don’t believe in that, because you follow that leader, not knowing where you are being led. YES! Parents are supposed to be our ‘’leaders’’, but in most cases, they lead us astray, (unintentionally).  Because they have followed their beliefs, their cultures, not realizing that the world is changing very rapidly and what worked yesterday, does not necessarily work today. More than ever before, so. We all have our own cultures and beliefs but doesn’t mean to say that they are viable in this so distinct world of ours. Ours! Yes, because we are one species of its inhabitants that have made it what it is today, by our selfish approach, without direction. Remember, the world was given to us in its most pure form so that we can utilize it and leave it in the same way that we found it. We as the ‘’rational animals’’ (humankind) and our predecessors did not abide. It’s not our kid’s fault.

It’s no use crying over spilt milk, and the idea is for us TODAY to realize that we are living in the REAL WORLD and not the FANTASY WORLD. It’s never too late, start today and get the ball rolling. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you should do today, because you never know what tomorrow will have in store for you. Time is our worst enemy because he doesn’t stop for no one, realizing that the time that you’ve lost is never a waste of TIME, but yes a waste of LIFE, bearing in mind that your life is set for a period and no more.

Kids! You must be courageous, have faith in yourselves, be adventurous and ask questions.  Don’t be scared, don’t be coy, take the right approach and question your parents, your teachers, you family, all about what’s not making sense to you, what’s perturbing you, your problems, your desires, your dreams, your wishes etc. With all due respect, it’s your life that is ahead of you, and it’s you that has to LIVE it. Listen to the news, read newspapers, find reliable sources.  Don’t just take in what you are told, make sure that you are given a justifiable real answer/reason for whatever you are told to do, and not to do, for whatever you say and don’t say and that includes you, justify all you do, don’t do, say and don’t say. Only then are you able to move forward in LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and HEALTH, so that you may eventually prosper, obstacle-free on your journey to eternity.