Friendship and Loyalty


Life has taught me, that no matter how great you are to someone, no matter who they may be, or how much they mean to you, that they’ll always value you and treat you in the same manner.

You’ll never be able to control someone else’s loyalty or feelings. With this in mind, I’ve always adopted the attitude, whereby I assess all my “friends” “acquaintances” call it what you may, on a daily basis. Once hurt or broken, you can never forget, but you have a choice to leave them behind and proceed moving forward, by utilizing that so precious energy, that you so dearly possess, in navigating and discovering new horizons, where you may find those that make you smile, bearing in mind that those making you smile today, might make you cry tomorrow.

It’s a never-ending story, like most things in life, but at least, keeping you always on the alert, hence allowing you to experience living in the real world. Practicing this on a continuous basis, you shall form a habit, which in turn formulates a lifestyle, with you having such a modest personality, whereby most individuals, just want to be around you, turning disappointment that might arise to become extinct in your presence, allowing you to always be on top of the world. WOW! Allow others to get to know you, by simply handing yourself over in a communicative manner.